Microbreweries strive for uniqueness by creating local products representing local interests so that the consumer finds themselves culturally attracted to the product. Microbreweries popularity also derives in part from the desire of people to break away from the homogeneity of popular, consumer culture, and re-establish connections with local communities and economies. Neo-localism directly results from anti-globalist sentiments among consumers. The craft beer movement reflects this shift towards unique local products.

Microbreweries advertising is usually limited to social media, and word of mouth. They do not have their own identities as they are small enterprises with lower turnover. Some microbreweries are not even known at all, and without creating advertisements, they are not gaining consumer loyalty like a national macro-brewery does. With photographic visual communication, one can start identifying the breweries and craft beers individually and assist them in gaining more market share.

This projects seeks to show that photography is a vehicle to visual communication which effectively creates visual identities for the craft beer product individually, as well as the selected microbreweries in the Eastern Cape. The photographic advertisements and video production will encourage viewers to desire the product and identify different products through memory of the visually communicated photographic representations.

I created campaigns for Dockside Brewery, Bridgestreet Brewery, and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Brewery
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